Guy Buttery - "Verbosity"

Thursday, 21 November 2013 14:50

Guy Buttery released a new video for his song "Verbosity" on his Youtube page. The video was recorded one month ago on the final date of his most recent tour at the Play Station Theatre in Johannesburg.

Though the word "Verbosity" means using too many words to express an idea, Buttery keeps it simple in this live performance. The video shows the guitarist sitting on stage, legs crossed--just a guy and a guitar.

Buttery, humble as ever, explains the vision behind the video in the Youtube comments: "The aim for both the visual and the audio of this performance was to keep it as real and authentic as possible. What you're seeing is the sparse lighting on the night and what you hearing is the rather cavernous reverberations of the Play Station Theatre.

While his genuinity isn't normally questioned, he assures viewers of his authenticity. "That's really how the guitar sounded. I do hope it pleases both the ear and the eye."

The video was shot with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Buttery adds that the camera was incredible to work with). It was filmed and edited by Julian Redpath and audio-mixed and mastered by Mark Hako.

Watch the master of fingerpicking above.

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