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Duimpie Se Maat


2Feet/Sheer Sound
Rolling Stone:
November 06, 2013    

The long-awaited EP from the three trippy Klein Karoo space cadets, (named Tweede Beste, Jammer Pappa and Duimpie Se Maat – all three the alter egos of one Carla Louw) comprises three sexy rap-driven Afrikaans tracks, two English pop blips and two remixes. The English ones (“Monkey Man”, “Chocolate Lips”) are unimportant – think sub-par Tamara Day. But the others profess that Duimpie Se Maat is literally the only twentysomething woman doing anything interesting in Afrikaans these days. “Huilerig en Bang”, featuring the LSD-driven guitar solos of Albert Frost, is a disturbingly catchy take on the pros and cons of a drug party. The Smashing Pumpkins-inspired “Moonshine” shoots you right into space, while the edgy, bass-driven “Afrikaans” brings the sexy back to the language when she plays with quirky ambiguities like: “Pagina, lek jou vinger en blaai hom – Afrikaans, ek’s kaal in my moedertaal, Afrikaans” – awesome!

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