Andy Lund & The Mission Men Andy Lund & The Mission Men

Andy Lund & The Mission Men

Andy Lund & The Mission Men

Faster We Run

Rolling Stone:
November 06, 2013    

“I didn’t hear you call/I was blinded as I hit the floor/Just like all the other times before,” wails Andy Lund on opener “Mirrorball”. It’s a masochistic hangover cut from Twilight Singer Greg Dulli’s powder-burned rock cloth. Relax. This isn’t some elegantly wasted glorification of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Lund’s second solo LP with The Mission Men may narrate freewheeling country-rock daydreams about hitting the road (“Chain Gang”) and sketch weekends of wasted youth (“Cocaine & Ephedrine”). But these are cautionary remembrances of things past, filled with an emotional gravitas that only comes with having spent 20 years honing your craft in shitty nightclubs without ever hitting the big time. “Let go, leaving is so/Hard on the free/Let go, leaving is so/Wasted on the weak” Lund implores on “The Leaving”, turning the anxiety attack of lost youth, love and, yes, shattered expectation into a karmic celebration of self-worth. Whether it’s guitar driven blues-rock songs of redemption (“Long Gone Days”) or shadowy acoustic-stalker ballad revenge fantasies (“Lust”) it’s the catharsis of getting lost in music that Lund remains resolutely committed to.

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